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USRP USB Driver Installation Instructions

  1. Decide whether you want to use UHD or the Legacy interface on the USB port you just plugged your USRP into.
    UHD is the latest and greatest ("New World") interface, but from my experimentation doesn't perform as well or as quickly on Windows as it does on Linux (this is probably also due to libusb1 and WinUSB). Also, I've found it does not report hardware overruns.
    Legacy uses the old-world code in the GNU Radio source tree, which is from my experience rock solid and performs exceptionally well on Windows (with libusb0), especially at the higher data rates where UHD has had trouble keeping up (for me at least). This does report hardware overruns, but is unable to report back some of the current state of the hardware (UHD does this completely) so my USRP clients attempt to work around this.
  2. Your USRP should show up in the list as device with VID FFFE and PID 0002 (unless you have a new one with the officially registered VID).
    If it does not show, go to Options->List All Devices (it already has drivers installed, but you can replace them)
  3. You can edit/change the name of your device by ticking Edit Name
    If you've chosen to go with...
    1. UHD, make sure Target is WinUSB (<version>)
      Legacy, Target should be libusb0 (<version>)
  4. Now simply click Install Driver, and you're done!