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Aliases for PureData objects

//Is external/abstraction matching case-sensitive? I guess so since it was originally on *NIX.
// A line is only parsed if it contains one space, the rest are comments.
// There's no check done to see if an alias is (accidentally) mapped to an existing alias!

r receive
s send
t trigger
b bang
f float
i int
v value
sel select
fswap swap
del delay

fsize filesize
//wavinfo - fsize	// This is not true (wavinfo has many more outlets than filesize/fsize)

page pd
template struct

s~ send~
r~ receive~
q8_rsqrt~ rsqrt~
q8_sqrt~ sqrt~

// Different internal states
switch~ block~

drawcurve drawpolygon
filledpolygon drawpolygon
filledcurve drawpolygon

drawsymbol drawnumber

rdb hradio
radiobut hradio
radiobutton hradio
// This is the 'old' style, but still behaves the same as the 'new' one.
hdl hradio
// This is the 'old' style, but still behaves the same as the 'new' one.
vdl vradio

hslider hsl
my_canvas cnv
my_numbox nbx
toggle tgl
vslider vsl

a2l any2list
l lister
demux demultiplex
demux~ demultiplex~
unfold drip
mux multiplex
mux~ multiplex~

pack - zexy/pack
unpack - zexy/unpack

f24 float24
d dist

ii init
lia link
lia2D link2D
lia3D link3D

l2i list2int
l2s list2symbol
s2l symbol2list

lp lpt
mdnsbrowse mDNSBrowse
masse mass
masse2D mass2D
masse3D mass3D
mtx matrix
cx.avgdev mean~
cx.mean mean~
cx.stddev mean~
multisel multiselect
opa openpatch
blockramp~ ramp~

r13 receive13
r13~ receive13~
s13 send13
s13~ send13~
c13~ catch13~
t13~ throw13~

t3_del t3_delay

tm toggle_mess
unsym unsymbol
xv xvalue

for++ - for_pp
pp~ - ++~
get - snmp/get
get - snmpget
inv - 1/x
inv - 1/x~
kalashnikov - uzi
parentdollarzero - parent$0
toddle - bng

iAmbient2D - pmpd.iAmbient2D
iAmbient3D - pmpd.iAmbient3D
iCircle2D - pmpd.iCircle2D
iCircle3D - pmpd.iCircle3D
iCylinder3D - pmpd.iCylinder3D
iLine2D - pmpd.iLine2D
iPlane3D - pmpd.iPlane3D
iSeg2D - pmpd.iSeg2D
iSphere3D - pmpd.iSphere3D
tCircle2D - pmpd.tCircle2D
tCircle3D - pmpd.tCircle3D
tCube3D - pmpd.tCube3D
tCylinder3D - pmpd.tCylinder3D
tLine2D - pmpd.tLine2D
tPlane3D - pmpd.tPlane3D
tSeg2D - pmpd.tSeg2D
tSphere3D - pmpd.tSphere3D
tSquare2D - pmpd.tSquare2D

pdp_3d_context - 3dp_context
pdp_3d_dlist - 3dp_dlist
pdp_3d_push - 3dp_mode
pdp_cog - pdp_cog_abs_thresh
pdp_histo - pdp_pointcloud
pdp_histo - pdp_pointcloud_matrix
pdp_inspect - pdp_t
pdp_logic - pdp_bitdepth
pdp_logic - pdp_bitmask
pdp_logic - pdp_hthresh
pdp_logic - pdp_not
pdp_logic - pdp_or
pdp_logic - pdp_sthresh
pdp_logic - pdp_xor
pdp_mat_lu - pdp_m_LU
pdp_mat_lu - pdp_m_LU_solve
pdp_mat_mul - pdp_m_+=mm
pdp_mat_mul - pdp_m_mv
pdp_mat_vec - pdp_m_vec2list
pdp_stateless - pdp_flip_lr
pdp_stateless - pdp_flip_tb
pdp_stateless - pdp_garble
pdp_stateless - pdp_positive
pdp_stateless - pdp_sign
pdp_stateless - pdp_zthresh
pdp_trigger - pdp_t
pdp_zoom - pdp_rotate
pdp_zoom - pdp_zrot

any iem_anything
merge_any iem_append
iem_cot~ iem_cot4~
iiroute iem_i_route
icot~ iem_pow4~
pp iem_prepend
prepend iem_prepend
iem_r iem_receive
ir iem_route
iem_s iem_send

mtx_: mtx_colon
mtx mtx_matrix
// Are these the same?!
mtx_* mtx_mul
mtx_.* mtx_mul
matrix_mul_line~ mtx_mul~
matrix_mul~ mtx_mul~
matrix~ mtx_mul~
mtx_*~ mtx_mul~
mtx_! mtx_not

spec2+s~ spec2_add_scalar~
spec2+~ spec2_add~
spec2*s~ spec2_mul_scalar~
spec2*~ spec2_mul~
spec2-~ spec2_sub~

sprinkler - forward
sprinkler - fw

v+ vector+
v- vector-
v* vector0x2a
v/ vector0x2f
vabs vectorabs
vpack vectorpack