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To Install OP25 you need to first build and install GNURadio.

The easiest way to build GNURadio is to use the build-gnuradio script.

the build-gnuradio script is hosted on http://www.sbrac.org and is avalible for review by clicking this link. build-gnuradio

We can automate its download and excution with the following command. This will build and install gnuradio as well as extra features like support for gr-baz and the rtl_source so that gnuradio can be used with usb sdr rtl hardware.

first make a directory by using the mkdir command in a terminal window. (You can start terminal in Ubuntu with shortcut (Control + Alt + T)

mkdir src

would make a new directory named src

cd src

would then change to this new folder

next we can download, make executable, and then execute the build-gnuradio script with the following command.

wget http://www.sbrac.org/files/build-gnuradio && chmod a+x ./build-gnuradio && ./build-gnuradio -v all

This script can take some time to run but with the -v command you should see progress on the screen.

Next we need to download and run OP25.

This can be done by running another build script build-op25.

wget http://spench.net/drupal/files/build-op25 && chmod a+x ./build-op25 && ./build-op25 -v all

Once GnuRadio and OP25 are installed, you can test the decoder in GNU Radio Companion by opening the OP25.grc file.

Make sure you:

  1. ran the scripts above to install gnuradio,gr-baz, and op25.
  2. enable the appropriate source block for your setup (e.g. USRP, RTL2832U dongle or file source), and disable the rest!