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Modez/Aviation Mapper is now running live - please try the web app!

The full write-up with:

  • screenshots
  • demonstration videos
  • experimental results
  • comparisons to other hardware
  • overseas tests, etc

can be found on the main page.


Distribution of received signal strength
Frame signal strength vs. transmitter (airframe) distance
Frame signal strength vs. transmitter (airframe) altitude
Airframe altitude vs. distance

Selected screenshots

Aviation Mapper Desktop Tracking App

Distance record! 514km
Build-up of trails showing different runway configurations throughout the day

3D Google Earth Front-end

Looking at Sydney airport from side-on, you can see the approach path of planes coming in to land on the active parallel runways
ACARS messages are shown at the circular markers (one is shown in the balloon). Quite a few are sent over the course of a few hours.


Scope of Mode S short frame with (red) binary decode overlaid
Drawing on Eric Cottrell's original decoder, this is the Modez-enhanced scope view with preamble, reference level and data-start/end markers
Evolution of the decoder showing improved noise floor

Raw Samples

4MHz chunk visualised in GNU Radio (notice the nearby GSM channel intermod on the right-hand side)
8MHz chunk visualised in Baudline


Accessing SFO RADAR using the magic code-breaking box in the classic film Sneakers